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The Constellations by New Astroscience

A huge in-depth public course by New Astroscience with over 100 lessons all about the constellations. After completing this extensive course, you'll know the night sky inside-out – all the stars, constellation mythology and history, and the wonderful deep sky objects. Observing tips and quizzes abound. 

This huge course will be open to everyone who wants to know the intricate details of all 88 constellations. It was originally going to be subscription-based, but wadde hell! The night sky is everyones. Each lesson has a quiz at the end to test your knowledge. 

The New AstroScience course THE CONSTELLATIONS is 'BIG' and requires web hosting, lesson updates, and maintenance to keep it live on the web, so NAS simply asks for voluntary donations to chip in. Thanks.  

In the meantime, use the New AstroScience 'Astronomy Courses' menu link to access the currently available courses. The Astronomy Fundamentals course is great for newcomers and urban-based amateur astronomers. In there, you can find out how light pollution affects your observations and what to do to minimize it. Get to know the Celestial Sphere and how the stars appear to be stuck to it. Understanding the celestial sphere helps enormously to navigate the night sky. Learn about the magnitude scale and how it's used to measure the brightness of celestial objects. And finally, get introduced to the constellations before diving into our main course.

Elsewhere on New Astroscience

The rest of this website (isn’t it nice to have an advert and pop-up free website for a change) is about the electric nature of the cosmos.

The Electric Force - new astroscience

New astroscientists challenges mainstream cosmology at its roots. We don’t stand on the shoulders of those funded by the money men and corporations with hidden agendas. Nor do we accept that the current peer review system is flawless and guarantees good science. We don’t follow the money. We do science as it ought to be done, which means getting closer to the truth with the empirical scientific method. There are no religion or belief systems in sound science.

Mainstream astroscience continuously blurts out hypotheses as if they were facts. We see no end to that in popular astronomy magazines every month. For example, that planetary nebulae are the final death throes of Sun-like stars. Regurgitating bullshit like that is not the way of science, and you won’t find that kind of claptrap on this website. If that upsets some diehard lost souls, then tuff!

In the end, it’s up to each of us the side with what we ‘think’ is reality. There’s a stranglehold in current astroscience by the ‘gravicentrics’ – a term invented by NAS that encompasses the believers of a gravity-centered Universe. They heatedly say that electricity plays no significant part in the way the Universe works. Yet above their heads, they see aurorae and delight in the wonder. But tell them otherwise, and they’ll tell you to #’@ off.

This website hopefully helps those who want to hear an alternative that’s based on good science. There aren’t enough of these websites around. However, do follow the Electric Universe on YouTube and other websites. Here are some links for a good start: