Space Plasma

Space plasma

An alternative paradigm to today’s 'gravity rules,' has electricity, magnetism, and the state of matter called plasma at its heart. Plasma is essentially the fourth state of matter, but in reality it's the first state.

Electricity and magnetism are familiar to everyone with primary school education, but what about plasma?

Plasma is actually the commonest state of matter, more common in the Universe than solids, liquids, and gases, but we on Earth have little experience of it because of our mainly electrically neutral environment. Plasma reveals itself in neon and fluorescent lights, in auroras and lightning, and in arc welding.

Space plasma is partially ionized (consisting of negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons and other particles), so when these particles move freely, an electric current is always generated.

Plasma is NOT a neutral gas. All celestial bodies move through a sea of plasma in space. Space is NOT a vacuum.

Moving electric currents in plasma always generate magnetic fields, which then confine and shape plasma activity. So, the powerful electrical force organizes cosmic structures, which we witness as intense electromagnetic emissions.

Space Plasma

Plasma permeates the Solar System as the solar wind. Most of the Galaxy is plasma, as is 99% of the Universe, as far as we know. To understand what’s going on in the Universe, we must first examine space plasma. Yet, it remains so enigmatic to astroscientists.

Plasma is a good but imperfect conductor of electric current. In some respect, it acts like electric wires or cables. We, therefore, don’t have to consider gravity acting between the ions in space plasma. We don’t think about gravity affecting the electrons inside electric cables, do we?

Types of Plasma

There are three modes of plasma: Dark Current Mode, Glow Mode, and Arc Mode.

The Earth’s ionosphere is typical Dark Mode plasma. It doesn’t emit light except during auroral displays.

Glow Mode plasma is seen when the electric current strength is significant. Think of neon signs.

Arc Mode plasma is seen when the electric current strength is very high. Think of arc welding. It radiates brilliantly over a wide spectral range, including ultraviolet and radio frequencies. Stars are examples of Glow Mode plasma at work, and so, therefore, is the Sun.